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Monday, 10 September 2012

Serena Williams’ US Open 2012 Title

Serena Williams’ US Open 2012 Title

Serena Williams wins the tennis US Open trophy
Serena Williams with the US Open trophy.

Serena Williams has been on top form this summer; with wins at Wimbledon (singles and doubles), the Olympics (singles and doubles) and now she has secured a victory in the Ladies’ Singles of the US Open. Wow!

The US Open Ladies’ Final was battled out between the legendary Serena Williams and the world’s current number one, Victoria Azarenka. With names like these, a fantastic match was almost guaranteed for the visitors to the Billie Jean King National Tennis Centre.

From the beginning of the match favourite Serena Williams seemed to be the strongest player. Although Azarenka put up decent opposition and claimed 2 points, her skills were no serious match for Williams’ powerful returns during the first set.

The tables turned during the second set, Azarenka gave it her all and claimed the first two points. Some spectators commented that Williams’ hardened composure and unblinking stares unnerved Azarenka, but she kept it together to claim the second of three sets.

Williams’ began to flag when the scores were even; with a set each and match points of 2-2. Williams’ fans started to worry that she was losing her stamina as Azarenka battered the ball around the court and really made her chase the game. However, Williams then performed a 123mph serve and won that point easily, which put her ahead of the game once again. Azarenka kept on pushing and again evened the score to 5-5 in what was to become the final set. Williams picked up some extra determination and quickly finished off the match with final scores 6-2, 2-6, 7-5.

This win allowed Williams to take her 4th US Open singles title, bringing her total number of Grand Slam victories to 15 singles and 28 singles and doubles. Serena’s own comment about Azarenka shows what a stunning match was played on the Arthur Ashe Court: “I honestly can't believe I won," said the American. "I was preparing my runner-up speech because she was playing so great."

Tennis fans are now anticipating the men’s singles final and hoping that Novak Djokovic (SRB) and Andy Murray (GBR) will put on an equally entertaining performance. The US Open men’s singles match will be played later today at the Flushing Meadows.

Author Daniel Foster.
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